Little Dark Desire


After two years as a sous chef for a prominent CEO in Atlanta, Desire quit her job and ended up at her sister’s doorstep. The head chef she was working under had started to become a little more than she wanted to deal with, so she gave up everything she was building and left. But with a newfound vigor, she started working toward opening her own restaurant with support from her sister and a few new friends. Everything she had would go into this next chapter of her life.

Running was a part of his life. When his mother died and left him her bakery Midnight had to decide what to do. He had become a travel and food blogger because he didn’t wanted to be grounded and stuck in the same place forever. But he remembered growing up in his mother’s bakery and helping her on the daily.

Circumstances seemed to be bringing him back to the one place he was trying to run away from, but he wasn’t even completely sure why he wanted to avoid it in the first place.

During a chance encounter, Desire and Midnight worked together to create a night filled with amazing food and dessert. Fighting attraction was the hardest thing for Desire when it came to being in the same space as Midnight. She didn’t want to start another relationship after what she recently went through. Unbeknownst to her, Midnight had already decided he wanted to pursue the woman in a city he no longer want to be in. But in the end, was it actually going to work between them? Was Desire having a wild dream or was she about to get everything she … desired?

**includes some foul language and sexual scenes**

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