Little Petty Notions


Having to start over doesn’t usually come easy, but sometimes it can be less daunting with the help of others. A former NFL player and an artist thought their worlds would never collide again, but when a certain situation brought them face to face, things quickly changed.

Jada Emerson, a now single mother of a two-year old, was months out from her wedding when her fiancé died in a car accident. Jada and her daughter had nothing left in New Orleans when she decided to make the move prompted by her best friend.

She could create her work from anyway and her parents home was the last place she wanted to go, so after the continued begging, she move in with her friend in San Francisco open to new and exciting opportunities.

Tra’Mel Denzel, a retired NFL player who settled in the city where he last played, opened a sports medicine business and taught classes at the local community college. The last thing he expected was to run into the girl whose heart he broke a decade earlier. The main problem was, he thought he had gotten over her. The moment he saw her, his feelings slammed back to the surface and the only thing he wanted was to make it up to her until she knew he’d never leave her side again.

**includes some foul language and sexual scenes**

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