Little Petty Notions


Love can come and go, but after Jada Lorenzo’s bad breakup, she doesn’t want to be bothered again. That all changes the moment an old flame walks back into her life.

Jada is figuring out how to balance her single parenthood, while also maintaining a business and a fresh start in a new place. Her best friend is there to provide as much assistance as he can, but after Jada has a random encounter with her first love, he seems to start encouraging her to rekindle with the flame who already burned her burned.

Tra’Mel Denzel is adjusting to to life off the field. After an career-ending injury, he opened up a rehab facility to help other athletes. When he runs into Jada, all the feelings he once had come rushing back, but he doesn’t know if she will be willing to give him a second chance.

While Jada and Tra’Mel work to figure out if love is in the cards for them again, they both have to deal with factors that seem to want to drive them apart.

**includes some foul language and sexual scenes**

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