The Unknown Enemy


The saying goes you never forget the one who got away. In two private investigators case, that could mean their deaths.

Coming off a successful assist on a multi-agency investigation, PI LeAnne Cane and her partner, Tyler Simmons continue to work to tie up loose ends. With their consulting positions solidified in the FBI, ATF, CIA and DEA, LeAnne and Tyler continue their search for the three criminals who successfully escape their grasp.

But when tragedy strikes and rips them apart, leaving their bond broken, it becomes unclear if it will ever be repaired. As a threat in their own backyard surfaces, LeAnne and Tyler realize they work better together than they do apart.

Not knowing who they can trust, besides each other, they set out to dismantle the cartel aiming to kill them, find the human traffickers who are trying to avoid them and discover the others who are only beginning to surface.

But none of those individuals or groups rival the mischievous and devious ring leader at the end of the disturbing serious of death and disaster.

**includes sexual situations, foul language, sensitive topics and violence**

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