Red Zone


When choosing happiness means winning it all.

Parker Knight has one thing on his mind: putting himself first. When murky choices within his team leave him wondering if he’ll remain a starting wide receiver, he’s ready to make whatever move necessary to rediscover his happiness. But warring thoughts of starting anew, moving away from family and familiarity, and dissolving an unordinary relationship with his former best friend have him wondering what’s the best choice.

Saheeli Donovan’s on track to leave Houston and her parent’s coffee shop behind so she can get back to LA and her dream: piloting and teaching others how to do the same. What she didn’t think would happen as she recalibrated her life was a desire to spend time with the man whom she never should’ve fallen into bed with.

High school might’ve been years ago, but their heated argument from then still keeps Parker and Saheeli at each other’s throats. Yet, the aftermath of an unexpected vacation together has them picking fights just to blow off steam in more intimate ways. Except, they try to ignore the burning feelings growing within, too. But Parker’s competitive nature has him determined to get through the red zone so he can score Saheeli’s love he didn’t expect to want.

**includes foul language, consensual nonconsent, discussions of child abuse and neglect, abandonment, therapy sessions, and explicit sexual scenes**

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