Second & Inches


Kozmo Knight thought he had everything he ever wanted until his annual brothers’ getaway week…

As the veteran quarterback, the game is all that matters. Kozmo Knight has little time for his family, and he can’t remember the last time he’s seen his best-friend, but that’s all about to change with his upcoming trip.

All her life Julissa Masters had to prove herself until the day she met the up-and-coming QB on her high school football team. He made her believe she could accomplish anything and supported her as she entered the male-dominated science and math world. Today, her best friend, Kozmo, is also one of the NFL’s most eligible bachelors, not that she pays attention to all those photo spreads of him in the magazines…much.

Kozmo invites Julissa to his annual getaway because his brother had invited his fiancé. Kozmo figures he can catch up with everyone all at once, while also giving his future sister-in-law someone to chat with. What he didn’t count on was catching a spark with his best friend. After their vacation, Kozmo sets his sights on turning the spark into a flame., yet that doesn’t seem to be what she has in mind at all. He’s only second and inches away from the love of a lifetime, and with Julissa’s heart on the line, Kozmo is playing to win…

**includes foul language, slight references to misogyny, racism, classism and sexual scenes**

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