Uncovering Her Dreams

His music inspires her moves…

Ego Adams thought she’d finally caught a break. Her San Francisco burlesque group and dance studio were doing well, and the drama of her past was in the rearview. Until her apartment flooded, and she found herself being thrust into the vicinity of a man she was about to start working for. A man whom she’d accidentally seen naked and may have teased to the point of wanting to jump his bones.

Sincere Emerson was busy, focused on relaunching his music career after a snafu almost ended it before it ever began. He never expected Ego to walk into his house and announce that her best friend told her to take the empty room. He needed to keep things professional since she was choreographing his upcoming show, but what he wanted was anything but a working relationship.

The skeletons in both of their closets threaten to cause more harm than good, and navigating the spotlight proves to be more complicated than they thought. But when his song and her dance come together, dreams are uncovered.

**includes discussions of alcoholism, anxiety, cheating partners (unintentionally), polyamory, public embarrassment, unwanted touching and kissing, and some pretty graphic sex including but not limited to oral sex, bondage, sensory deprivation, exhibitionism, and anal penetration (of the male main character)**

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